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Benefits of Playing the Piano

The Well-Rounded Human:

How music can improve every aspect of your life

The Outer Power Shell


Think about your physical appearance. The piano is secretly your best workout equipment. As you practice, you’ll start to realize that the piano requires the use of your whole body, strengthening not only your fingers, but also your whole hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, and back. Over time, you’ll notice your posture improve as you practice, which will save your back in your later years.
The physical benefits go beyond looking beach-ready. Your ears will begin to pick up sounds that envelope you. Learning the piano expands your aural awareness, allowing you to focus on specific sounds with ease. This aspect is invigorating and also an improvement in your safety, since you will have a better idea of your surroundings, anywhere you go.

The Mind of Your Matters

As we delve deeper into who you are, we reach the brain. If you think children are the only ones capable of finding any benefits in improving their brain, think again. Learning the piano adds neural connections in the brain, allowing you to function at a higher intellectual level. Piano practice is linked with the prevention of memory loss throughout all stages of life, including Alzheimer’s.

Perhaps improving your focus is more important. Piano music requires both sides of your brain to be active, which not only develops your spatial aptitude, but also strengthens your ability to focus in other areas of your life, such as school, work, and in your other favorite hobbies.

The Busy Bee

Now we’ve reached that part of you that goes beyond the flesh and into your unique curiosities. Music requires constant improvement in mathematics, attention to details, historical and cultural consideration, and story-telling abilities. For instance, let’s assume that you have always wanted to learn a new language. Music aids in language development, creating patterns for you to remember for that language you’ve always wanted to understand, along with a better overall reading comprehension in your native language. Change that interest to woodworking, and you can see how attention to details and mathematical skills become important assets.

Phone addiction is a real problem these days, and you wish you knew how to put the phone down and find your interests. The piano can help you get there. As phones and computers take over our lives, you want to have an activity that can easily pull you away from the screen. The piano will allow you unplug while still pushing buttons (keys) to satisfy that constant need to be busy.

The Final Destination

All of these “layers” of who you are lead to who you want to become. You want to be able to handle whatever life throws at you, without being sucked back into maintaining the dreaded grind. Some final considerations before you decide on self-improvement through piano lessons:

  • A piano instructor’s main goal is to help you grow in your musical ability. Constructive criticism is the key to a musician’s progress, preparing the student for the world beyond the lesson room.
  • A concert or performance is nerve-wracking for any level of musician, but as you become immersed in these performances your ability to handle stress in social and musical situations will noticeably improve.
  • Although a musician practices with perfection in mind, they know how to make mistakes with style and move on with confidence. Playing the piano will teach you how to better organize your entire life and move on confidently when things don’t turn out like you hope.
  • Music allows the pianist to work through and interpret their emotions in a positive way while releasing dopamine, the body chemical that gives the sense of happiness and relaxation.
  • Your patience is going to be stretched in a productive manner, as music is filled with both sound AND silence. No matter which of the two you prefer, every note and every rest demands a very specific amount of time from you.

Keep in mind that learning the piano is not an easy process, but learning a little each day goes a long way. This process is only made more fun and easy with a dedicated piano instructor to guide you and a good set of keys under your fingers. It is time for you to begin piano lessons to improve your life and to put that smile on your face as you go to sleep tonight.

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