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Custom Action Balancing at Hulbert Piano!

How does your piano action feel?

Is it too heavy or light? Does it repeat efficiently or is it difficult to control? All these characteristics can be modified so that your piano’s action will be a joy to play!

The modern grand piano action is a marvel of design, yet relatively a simple mechanism, comprised essentially of 3 levers. See diagram below. (1) Key, (9) Repetition Lever, and (8) Hammer Shank. Working together they convert the downward motion of the key to the upward movement of the hammer.

Our action Geometry Analysis is an in depth study of the lever system of a given piano. Using the Fandrich-Rhodes key weighting system enables us to quickly develop a visual picture of the weight and friction issues in a grand piano action.
After critical measurements on each key are entered into a computer software program, a graph is produced showing actual down, up and balance weights, friction and projected target down and up weights.

With the aid of a specialized weight bench balance table, existing front end key weights are measured after which the software calculates the optimal key weight changes for each key to achieve its target down weight.

What can this do for you, the pianist? It will make your piano more responsive, repeat faster, and have a wider dynamic range. Because there also is typically less lead in the key after modifications are performed, player fatigue and forearm injury is minimized.

Would you like an analysis of your piano’s action?

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Custom Action Balancing

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