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Guidelines for cleaning your keys and preventing damage

Yamaha acoustic and digital piano key tops are made of synthetic materials which may react adversely to various cleaning and disinfecting agents. We advise the following practices for cleaning and protecting your keys:

  • Avoid cleaners (both liquid and saturated wipe-type cleaners) that contain harsh
    ingredients including alcohol (isopropyl), chlorine, ethanol, benzene, peroxide and
    salts. These ingredients contribute to discoloration and cracking.
  • If a player uses hand sanitizer that contains any of the above ingredients, please
    make sure their hands are completely dry before touching the keyboard.
  • Using a microfiber cloth dampened with lukearm water, with a small amount of
    dish soap, and wrung out enough that water does not drip on the keys. Wipe down
    the keys in a ‘toward the player’ motion.
  • Finally, using a third, dried microfiber cloth wipe down the keys in a ‘toward the
    player’ motion until all the keys are dry.
  • Keep the key cover closed at all times when the piano is not in use.
  • Cleaning your hands before playing is recommended and will ensure a high level
    of playability through the life of your piano.

Disclaimer: These recommendations do not guarantee disinfection of the keys, and many currently popular disinfectants may damage keytops over time.

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