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Piano for adults: 5 reasons to join a group piano class:

1. More Independent Learning
One thing I’ve grown to love about group teaching is how it allows for individual practice and teacher review in a constant cycle. It isn’t just 30 minutes of teacher supervision followed by a week of practice. It’s a few minutes of teacher feedback followed by a chance to experiment individually with the corrections and then a follow-up multiple times throughout the class period.

2. Longer Classes!
Typically a beginning private lesson is 30 minutes long, but our group lessons are structured on a 50-minute university class format. My goal with the class is for you to play 90% of the time and for me to talk 10% of the time. That means you’ll spend a significant amount of time playing piano right in class—regardless of how much outside practice time you achieve. Progress in piano is largely determined by consistency of practicing, and classes offer a significant amount of regular playing time.

3. Economical
Because of the group aspect, classes are more economical than private lessons. They tend to be longer and less expensive than traditional one-on-one lessons. This is true of our group classes.

4. Camaraderie
It’s pure fun! There will be hilarious mistakes, hard-won triumphs, and you as a group can make the journey together.

5. Commitment
We all know you’re more likely to succeed at your workout plan if you join a gym or work out with those almost tribal Crossfitters. Why not apply the principle to learning an instrument as well? When we are all in it together it gives a boost to those resolutions that may not survive all the demands on our time. The biggest hurdle for adult pianists is consistency—the exact nemesis seen at the gym.

Why choose Hulbert Piano and Johanna Schilling?
Hulbert Piano maintains the highest level of pianos at their location and is known for their outstanding service. The classes will occur in their state of the art keyboard lab on high-end Yamaha digital pianos using headphones and audio equipment.

All classes are currently limited to four students. Johanna Schilling teaches group piano courses at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and has taught over 200 hundred beginner piano students; she is eager to bring her collegiate level experience and courses to creative adults throughout the Milwaukee metropolitan area.

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13 Saturdays, Sept 22-Dec 15, $260, 10-10:50 Beginning Piano I.

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