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Pianos on Consignment

Why Consign my piano?

Clients may have one or more reasons to select our company and expertise to sell their prized Piano. Here are a few of them:

Many clients don’t want strangers entering their homes. Others want anonymity, being public figures or notable figures.
In today’s world, there are ones who unfortunately prey on others by fraud or scams. Having the purchase transaction displaced to a business protects private finances.
Some homes can not display instrument properly due to available room. Prospective buyers want to clearly see every inch of the cabinet.
People lead busy lives. Trying to set up appointments to show pianos can be tricky, especially if numerous people live in the home where the piano resides, or work and school schedules are chaotic.
Buyers are picky. They expect the inside and out of the piano to be clean and the piano to perform and sound at its best. If work needs to be done to make a piano sellable, we can do a better job and at a lower cost in our piano shop than one can do in a home.

Pianos Currently on Consignment

Steinway Model M, 5’7″ Grand Piano

Manufactured in New York, USA in 1990. All Original. Cabinet Style and Finish, Chippendale Walnut.

This instrument was purchased new and was well-cared for. It performs nicely and has a warm, rice tone.

The plate of this piano has also been signed by two piano notables; Roger Williams and Franz Mohr. Roger Williams was a virtuoso pianist whose hit, Autumn Leaves was the greatest selling piano recording of all time. Franz Mohr was a legendary piano technician who personally serviced pianos for great pianist such as Horowitz, Rubinstein, Serkin, Van Cliburn and Brendal.

Steinway Piano on consignment - Hulbert Piano

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Pianos on Consignment

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