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Thoughts on taking piano lessons as an adult……

Taking a piano lessons as an adult is a fun and interesting journey. I have waited years for the opportunity and now that I finally jumped in, everything should go smoothly right? After all, I am an adult, so I have learned from experience not to procrastinate, to schedule my time wisely, and understand the need for consistency. Well, several months into my lessons I had one of those weeks. The day of my piano lesson arrived and I hadn’t even looked at my lesson book let alone practiced for even a minute. As I drive to my lesson, negative thoughts race through my mind. What am I doing? Why did I think I could learn the piano with the million other things I need to get done every day? This will never work!

As I greet my instructor, I sheepishly mumble about not having practiced and apologize for the lesson she now has to give to her completely unprepared student. To my relief, she was kind and understanding(Thank you, Jessica!) We cover the same material as the previous week, and I am given the same assignment to work on. However, the lesson still was helpful and enjoyable, and oddly enough I feel a renewed determination not to give up. By the time the day is over, I feel exhausted yet I can’t help but sit down and practice for a few minutes. I am glad to report that I actually practiced every day the following week and wondered why I ever thought I couldn’t do this. When you have a bad week, don’t look back but just keep moving forward.

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