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Thoughts on taking piano lessons as an adult.

I am a 41 year old mother of two great kids. For years I have been faithfully taking them to their piano lessons, making sure they practice, and attending their recitals. The payoff has been immense. Now instead of hearing them play simple songs they can sit down after dinner and play the most amazing classical pieces and the house is filled with live music. At other times they play more modern pieces such as Billy Joel’s “Piano man”and we all break into song.

Each year I think….one day, one day I will have more time and I will balance my schedule with reading, exercise, and yes a hobby such as playing the piano. A girl can dream, right? I am still waiting for that day when I have more time, but this year I took the plunge. Even though I feel as strapped for time as ever, I started piano lessons. How much time to I devote to it? Not much…only about 10 minutes a day, but in that 10 minutes all the to do lists that run constantly through my mind are forgotten, and it’s just me and the piano! What does it feel like to be plunking out tunes such as ‘Mary had A Little Lamb’ when your husband and kids are playing Beethoven? In a nutshell….amazing! In the few short months I have been taking lessons, I have learned to recognize notes and read music. My fingers are becoming more adept at hitting the keys, and my posture has improved at the piano. I will try to keep you posted on my progress, but if I don’t, it could be because I am too busy playing the piano.

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