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Used Pianos

We realize the purchase of a piano is an important one for you and your family. When deciding upon purchasing a piano, it is beneficial to realize that used pianos can often be just as valuable as a new piano, and if properly cared for, can still retain excellent quality and sound performance.

Sometimes buying a used piano can be a bit confusing. We can help you select the right piano for your home. There are two primary considerations: size and budget.

There are two types of pianos – grand and vertical (or upright pianos). The smallest vertical is called a spinet (36″h), the most common size is called a console (40-44″h), a professional studio is higher (45″-48h), and the tallest vertical are called full uprights. The latter two are commonly used by piano teachers.

Grand pianos are measured from the very front of the piano’s case to its farthest point (tail) on the cabinet’s lid. “Petite grands” are generally under 5 feet in length. Small grands are 5’1” to 5’5” in length. Regular grands are 5’6” long to 6’6”. Semi-concert grands lengths are 6’7” to 8’9” and Full concert grands are 8’10” and up.

It will be up to you decide which type of piano will go best in your home or studio based on available room and budget.

The most important thing about purchasing a used piano is to know the condition of the piano and if it has been properly maintained. Purchasing a used piano from us would allay those concerns. Each piano we sell has been examined by a Registered Piano Technician of the Piano Technicians Guild and has been tuned and prepped to meet our high standards.

Recognizing that the quality pianos we sell will likely be handed down to future generations, we maintain a service record of your piano at no charge. This free service will keep track of your tunings, regulations, voicing and any other service related work that you have done to your piano. Again, this service is free and easy to maintain!

We mostly offer preowned Steinway grands, but will have on occasion high quality Yamaha, Mason & Hamlin, Seiler and Knabe pianos.

At Hulbert Piano, you can always be rest assured that you have purchased a piano of quality from a company that cares about your musical experience.

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